Build Workflow for the Package Repository

Search for a Package

Use the doxx search command to locate packages by name:

or by keyword:

$ doxx search license

Learn More about a Package

Find out more about the package contents with the doxx whatis command. Include the package name that you identify with the search command as an argument:

$ doxx whatis framework-html-bootstrap-index

Pull the Key File

Pull the key file by package name with the doxx pullkey command:

$ doxx pullkey framework-html-bootstrap-index

This pulls a file named key.yaml to your working directory.

Include Your Text Replacements

Some projects include templates with text replacement sites that allow you to customize your build files. Open the key.yaml file in your favorite text editor and complete the text replacement keys.

These files use simple YAML syntax.

Build Your Project

Enter the following command in the working directory that contains your project key.yaml file:

$ doxx build

Cleanup Build Files

To remove the doxx build files from the local directory, enter:

$ doxx clean

and your shiny new project is ready to go…


The User Quickstart Guide has additional details on Package Repository builds and links to useful parts of the documentation to learn more.