Pull Any Github Repository with doxx Shortcodes

The doxx pull command supports shortcodes that allow you to pull any Github repository to your local machine. By default, the command pulls the master branch of the repository; however, you can specify a repository branch or release for the pull in your shortcode.


The shortcode syntax is:

$ doxx pull [user]/[repo][:branch]

Include the Github username and Github repository separated by a / character. If you are interested in a specific branch or release, include the branch or release name after a colon delimiter.


Pull the master Branch of the Ember.js Repository

$ doxx pull emberjs/ember.js

Pull the beta Branch of the Ember.js Repository

$ doxx pull emberjs/ember.js:beta

Pull the v1.10.0 Release of the Ember.js Repository

$ doxx pull emberjs/ember.js:v1.10.0

Note that some developers use a period after the v character (i.e. v.1.10.0 rather than v1.10.0) in version names. Your shortcode must match the release or branch name that the developer uses in the repository so please confirm this if you run into errors with a release pull.

Additional Notes

Some Github repositories include supporting documentation, test files, and other associated files that can make them quite large. Be prepared to wait a bit for the pull to take place with larger repositories.