.gitignore Files for Multiple Languages

Available .gitignore Files

You can build git .gitignore files for 17 languages from the Github template collection with the doxx pull - doxx build workflow. The available languages and associated package names include:

Language Package
C git-gitignore-c
C++ git-gitignore-cpp
Elixir git-gitignore-elixir
Erlang git-gitignore-erlang
Go git-gitignore-go
Haskell git-gitignore-haskell
Java git-gitignore-java
Lua git-gitignore-lua
Node.js git-gitignore-node
Objective-C git-gitignore-objc
Perl git-gitignore-perl
Python git-gitignore-python
R git-gitignore-r
Ruby git-gitignore-ruby
SASS git-gitignore-sass
Scala git-gitignore-scala
Swift git-gitignore-swift

You can locate these packages in the application by querying for your favorite language or the gitignore keyword with the search command:

$ doxx search gitignore

And the whatis command provides additional information about the package:

$ doxx whatis git-gitignore-swift
[*] doxx: Looking up the package description...

    Package: git-gitignore-swift
Description: Swift .gitignore file

Build a .gitignore File

Let’s use the Swift file as an example to demonstrate the build sequence. Using the chart above, we see that the package name is git-gitignore-swift.

Pull the key file for the project with:

$ doxx pull git-gitignore-swift

If you inspect your directory after the pull, it will contain a key.yaml and project.yaml file.

The .gitignore file pull takes place when you execute:

$ doxx build

doxx will indicate that the .gitignore file was built in the working directory. At the moment, the file looks like this:

# Xcode

# CocoaPods
# We recommend against adding the Pods directory to your .gitignore. However
# you should judge for yourself, the pros and cons are mentioned at:
# http://guides.cocoapods.org/using/using-cocoapods.html#should-i-ignore-the-pods-directory-in-source-control
# Pods/

# Carthage
# Add this line if you want to avoid checking in source code from Carthage dependencies.
# Carthage/Checkouts


These are living documents and contributions occur from time to time by the developer community so the format of the file may change. Be sure to inspect the file before you use it for your commits. If you’d like to contribute to any of the files, the Github team accepts pull requests. Instructions are available in the project README file.


To remove the doxx build files that were generated during the build process, enter:

$ doxx clean

This removes the key.yaml and project.yaml files. You’re all set to get started with git.